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Multi V-1, USRC SY'05, RSA'07, NSA'08 Am/Can Ch QualicumAbsolutAdamntBryloukis, BH, CGC
RO-67048G24M-PI, RO-EL5678M24-PI, RO-CA2276/21M/C-PI, RO-TH326/24M-PI, CERF RO-5652, DNA-V394835, CHIC #31774

Cooper was born April 23, 2004 on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. His dam is Am/Can Ch. Wyndhurst Rave on Bryloukis (“Rave“), co-owned by Susan Peyton, Cooper’s breeder, with Cynthia Roney. His sire is Am/Can Ch. Keerocka’s Entertainer (“Elvis”), owned by Stuart and Sue Larsen.

Cooper is from a litter of five: two males and three females. Both sides of their pedigree include Gold Producers, Producers of the Year, multiple specialty winners, and obedience titled siblings and parents.

Cooper & Riggs
Pinky, Kiko, and Skye

Cooper’s registered name is intended to reflect his puppy personality, “Absolutely Adamant”. But when Susan registered him with the Canadian Kennel Club, kennel names and space limitation resulted in “QualicumAbsolutAdamntBryloukis”.

About that puppy personality -- Cooper had to fly to us at 10 weeks of age, from Vancouver to Chicago Ohare. When we met him at the Air Canada freight terminal, we were within a few strips of grass and a chain link fence of a major runway. And we knew we had our hands full when Cooper emerged from his air kennel and first wanted to run after a noisy jet taking off.

Cooper loves to go to “the farm”, where he runs and explores off lead.

Cooper Country

Cooper has been shown infrequently. We favored a few specialties, first for the age group sweepstakes competition and, more recently, for the challenge and exposure as he matured. He has done well. Before he completed his AKC championship, Cooper was entered 14 times in futurity, sweepstakes, and regular classes at specialties – 4 of those classes in the 2005 and 2006 ARC Nationals. He was always in the ribbons. And he was twice awarded Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes and was BOW at the 2005 Northstar Specialty for a 5 point major.

In 2006 Cooper finished his Canadian and American championships.

And if you see Cooper, ask him “Are you good-lookin’?" Don’t be surprised if he tells you what he thinks.

. . .


Favorite bait: liver

What deserves a bark: lawn mowers and tailgating motorcycles

Favorite color: light blue -- my puppy collar color

Favorite pastimes: chewing marrow bones, helping unload the clothes dryer, and cleaning off the kitchen counter

Favorite toys: Talking Lamb Chop and anything that still has the tags

What REALLY gets my attention: rabbits (well, actually, anything with four legs) and any horse - even on television

Fondly known as: "you big lug"

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